Door Hangers

When targeting a particular area, especially following severe weather when you need to immediately reach potential customers in need, door hangers are an excellent marketing tool.  Our M3 Toolbox door hanger designs were created to meet your needs.

Our easy-to-use marketing program allows you to customize your door hangers with your logo and contact information. Order in advance of storm season and have door hangers on hand to immediately respond when wind and hail damage occurs.

For your convenience, door hangers are available in two different sizes.  The small door hanger is 3" x 7.25".  The medium door hanger is 5.5" x 11".   Your door hangers will be delivered with a 1" diameter hole to hang your marketing piece on the homeowner's door knob.

Quantity Small 3" x 7.25" Medium 5.5" x 11"
1000+ $0.19 $0.25
*price per piece