Looking for a way to connect print to the Web?  To add a “wow” factor to your marketing collateral? Think QR Codes.

Create and download or add one to a printed piece for free!

Here’s how they work.  Someone walks by a QR Code, or sees one printed on a company brochure. They take out their smartphone and snap a picture of the code. With the right software, they are then taken to the desired Web destination. There they access a video, a coupon, a survey or sweepstakes entry, plain text message, or a mobile site (mobi-site) with games, downloadable apps, or any other content appropriate to the campaign.  

Add one to your Business cards. Add QR Codes to your business cards and marketing collateral. It’s intriguing. It starts a conversation, and with one snap, you’ve achieved marketing’s Holy Grail of getting your contact information into your target’s cellphone.

Add them to your Direct mail pieces. Add a QR Code to your postcard — so that people don’t have to be in front of a computer to access the information. Just grab your coffee, snap the code while you toss down a bagel, and watch the video on the way to work.

They’re Trackable. Wait! It gets better. Because these codes resolve to Internet sites, QR Codes are an easy way to track the interest level of many of today’s mobile consumers. How many people snapped the code from the brochure you distributed at the trade show?
Add a QR Code to your Business Card.
Have a question about QR Codes? Read our QR Code FAQ.